Preparing for the day

Introduction to preparing for the day

This section covers:

  • how to register both the team manager and the walkers
  • paying the fees
  • being notified of your arrival time
  • what to bring with you on the day
  • be prepared...!

How to register to use this site

Teams are registered by a "team manager".  This is the person who acts as the principle contact for the team(s) prior to the event, but does not need to be one of the walkers.  This person can be an Explorer Scout or a leader.  You will need a membership number (if you are under 18 years old, you don't have a membership number, so you will be asked for the name and membership number of a section leader).  Have the membership number ready!

If you wish, a team manager can "manage" multiple teams.

Click here to register for an account on this website

Paying your fees

Fees are levied on each participant to cover our administration costs and the cost of drink that is found at points around the route and the food after the event at The Misbourne.  The fees are:

  • Endurance80 per person:  £ 0
  • Endurance60 per person:  £ 0
  • Endurance40 per person:  £ 0 (including shadows)
  • Endurance10 per person:  £ 0 (including shadows)

The closing date for receipt of fees is Sunday 20 February 2022.

Arrival times

The final item before the event is finding out when we would like you to arrive.

Arrival times are allocated on a first-paid first-to-arrive basis.  That is those teams that that pay early will get the coveted early arrival times (which means they get more daylight in which to walk).

In general, Endurance80 and Endurance60 will be dispatched first, followed by Endurance40 and then Endurance10.

Be prepared...!

Being physically prepared is vital.  Each person's regime will be different.  But please remember:

  • This is an endurance event:  
    • Endurance80 will have you on your feet, walking for 50 miles for up to 24 hours;
    • Endurance60 is still 60 kms (37.5 miles) over 17 hours - that's a long time;
    • Even Endurance40 is 25 miles all in one go.

So please think carefully about your fitness preparations.