What to bring with you

You need to come prepared for up to endurance walking:  for Endurance80 that means up to 24 hours of walking, for Endurance60 up to 17 hours and for Endurance40 up to 14 hours.  The kit list defines the minimum that you must bring with you.  Please consider

  • The weather: there is a weather forecast on this site (see home page on the right of the page).  But this is only a forecast and weather can change rapidly.  Please come prepared with suitable clothing for a walk in early March.
  • Food and drink (see also "food and drink").  Basic drink is provided around the course (cold drinks up to checkpoint 2 and hot or cold drinks thereafter).  Food is not guaranteed and is not under our control round the course.  So we recommend carrying enough water or other drink to get around at least two checkpoints and energy food to see you through the course
  • Medicines or treatments for pre-existing conditions.  There are no formal first aid arrangements once you are on the course.   Some of the marshalls at checkpoints may be first aid trained, but this is not guaranteed.  Please make sure you have with you any medicines or treatments for pre-existing conditions that you might need.
  • Mobile phones, for use in case of emergency whilst you are between checkpoints (preferably covering a selection of networks between the team)
  • Blister plasters etc.  Very useful!

Participants in the older events may want to consider also loading sleeping bags or similar for when you arrive back at The Misbourne.  These can be left in the participants hall at The Misbourne.