We have been fortunate that we have not had any major mishaps in the years that we have run this event.  That does not leave any room for complacency.

To support walkers, we have the following:

  • A professionally run radio network that guarantees communication from checkpoints back to the control centre
  • A tracking system at the control centre that records graphically the last known position of each walker
  • A set of minibuses that patrol the checkpoints, collect walkers who have dropped out and provide emergency support.  They are connected to the radio network and are in constant communication

Should an emergency occur, it must be reported to the control centre. This can be done by the checkpoint marshall or, if there is no checkpoint nearby, by calling the control centre emergency number printed on your walker card. If it is serious and is reported at a checkpoint, then communications will continue on another radio channel to ensure privacy and availability of communications.  

The control centre will co-ordinate the response to the emergency, including, if required, summoning the emergency services and communicating the details of the health form to the medical authorities.  Normally, it is usually sufficient to dispatch a minibus to collect the casualty and return the person to The Misbourne.

It is essential that the control centre is notified of all walker activity, since lack of news about any walker will cause the control centre to start a search for a "missing person".  If that person has already been removed from the course by other means and without control centre's knowledge, this could waste a lot of time and energy that could be better directed at keeping the event running smoothly.