About Endurance40

Endurance40 is a 40 km endurance walk targetted at scouts.  The idea is to give scouts a taste of what Endurance80|60 is like, so that they have had some experience of endurance hiking when they come to tackle the bigger events as Explorer Scouts. 

What route does Endurance40 follow?

Endurance40 follows the route of Endurance80 for the first 31kms until it turns south and returns to the Misbourne from the checkpoint at Kings Ash .  You can find the route here.

Who takes part in E40?

Endurance40 is open to all members of a scout section (with or without shadows - see next item).

Does the scout team have to be accompanied by an adult?

Whether the children are accompanied by an adult or not is for the relevent Scout Leader to decide.  If you decide that the team can go alone:  that is fine for us.  There will be awards for the fastest all scout teams.  If you decide that the children should be accompanied, then please note:

  • Young Leaders from the scout section or adults can accompany the team.  We insist that any adult walker is a scout association member (that is an Occasional Helper, a Sectional Assistant, an Assistant Leader or a Leader) in the same scout group as the children.  All adult walkers in the team MUST hold a current scout DBS. 
  • This event is for scouts.  So we are limiting the number of accompanying adults / young leaders to a maximum of 2 per team.
  • Explorer Scouts who are not Young Leaders with the scout section concerned may not be used as accompanying walkers. 
  • Accompanying adults or young leaders are acting as shadows.  They must let the scouts make their own decisions and only get involved when things are going really wrong.  Teams where the shadow is in fact taking an active leadership role will be penalised.

What size are the teams?

The registered team must consist of no fewer than 4 walkers and no more than 7 walkers.  If drop outs occur during the walker, the team may drop down to 3 walkers. 

What happens when team members drop out?

Walkers will drop out.  When they do, the procedure and rules are the same as in Endurance80.  The preferable location is at a checkpoint.  They will then be registered as dropping out and returned to The Misbourne by bus.

So long as the team consists of 3 or more walkers, then it may continue the walk.

If the team drops below 3 walkers, then the team will be held at the checkpoint until it can be combined with another team to form an ad hoc team of 3 or more walkers.

The team may not form an ad hoc team with an Endurance80 team.

Will the scouts be walking with the Endurance80 walkers?

No.  The two teams will be "launched" separately.   Endurance80 and Endurance40 teams may not combine.

Can Explorers and adults take part in Endurance40?

Endurance40 is for scout section members.  Explorers who are not Young Leaders with the scout section concerned may not take part. Adults and Young Leaders may only take part if they are nominated to accompany the children (see above).

How else does Endurance40 differ from Endurance80?

The other major differences are the route and the end of the event.

The route will follow the Endurance80 route until checkpoint 8 (Kings Ash) where it will split from the main route and return via Lee Common and  Ballinger Common to The Misbourne.  You can find the route description here.

The event ends either when the walkers return to The Misbourne, or after 14 hours.  In Endurance80, there is discretion used should a team overrun the time given (24 hours in the case of E80).  In E40, there is no such discretion.  Once the 14 hours have elapsed, walkers will be held at the next checkpoint and returned to The Misbourne by bus.

What happens after walkers have returned to The Misbourne?

Once walkers have been registered as returned to The Misbourne, they will be provided with a hot meal (if they want it).   Prize giving for this walk will take place at 23:00; after this they are free to be picked up by the responsible adult. Please indicate on Medical Forms who is authorised to collect each Scout if it is not the parent.

It is intended that scout walkers will be collected and will not stay the night at The Misbourne (our facilities are limited as other walkers will know).  However we recognise that walkers from outside Buckinghamshire may have difficulty complying with this and so those scouts will be able to camp down in the main hall, if required.  Please be aware though that the hall will be used by all Scouts, Explorers and Adult walkers as a communal facility and there will not be separate accommodation just for Scouts.


This event will be run in accordance with the Scout Association's Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR).