About Endurance10

Endurance10 is a 10 km walk aimed explicitely at Cub Scouts.  

What route does Endurance10 follow?

The event follows the Endurance80|60|40 route, starting at Great Missenden and finishing at Chesham.  You can find the route here.

Who takes part in E10?

Endurance10 is only open to Cub Scouts accompanied by at least 2 adults per team.

Can scouts or beavers take part?

No.  Endurance40 is the event for Scouts. 

What size are the teams?

The team must consist of no fewer than 4 cub walkers plus 2 leaders and no more than 12 walkers in total (no more than 4 leaders).

What happens when team members drop out?

Walkers will drop out.  When they do, there is a procedure that will be followed to get the walker safely back to Great Missenden.  The preferable location for a drop out is at a checkpoint.  They will then be registered as dropping out and returned to The Misbourne by bus.

So long as the team consists of 3 or more walkers, then it may continue the walk.

If the team drops below 3 walkers, then the team will be held at the checkpoint until it can be combined with another team to form an ad hoc team of 3 or more walkers.

How do walkers get back to Great Missenden?

There will be a series of shuttle buses running between Chesham and Great Missenden.

What happens after walkers have returned to The Misbourne?

Once walkers have been registered as returned to The Misbourne, they will be provided with a hot meal (if they want it).  They will then either be picked up by a suitable adult.


This event will be run in accordance with the Scout Association's Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR).