About the events

There are four Endurance Events:

About Endurance10

Endurance10 is a 10 km walk aimed explicitely at Cub Scouts.  

What route does Endurance10 follow?

The event follows the Endurance80|60|40 route, starting at Great Missenden and finishing at Chesham.  You can find the route here.

Who takes part in E10?

Endurance10 is only open to Cub Scouts accompanied by at least 2 adults per team.

Can scouts or beavers take part?

No.  Endurance10 is the event for Cubs. 

About Endurance40

Endurance40 is a 40 km endurance walk targetted at scouts.  The idea is to give scouts a taste of what Endurance80|60 is like, so that they have had some experience of endurance hiking when they come to tackle the bigger events as Explorer Scouts. 

What route does Endurance40 follow?

Endurance40 follows the route of Endurance80 for the first 31kms until it turns south and returns to the Misbourne from the checkpoint at Kings Ash .  You can find the route here.

About Endurance60

Endurance60 is a 60 km endurance walk open to Explorer members of the Scout Association.  It is a stepping stone to the big endurance challenge to Endurance80. 

What route does Endurance60 follow?

Endurance60 follows the Endurance80 route as far as Princes Risborough (Great Missenden > Chesham > Hastoe (near Tring) > Wendover > Coombe Hill > Princes Risborough).  From Princes Risborough it heads south towards Prestwood and back to Great Missenden.   You can find the route here.

About Endurance80

Endurance80 is a 80 km endurance walk open to Explorer Scouts, Network Scouts, and adult members of The Scout Association.  This is the big endurance challenge to complete 80 kms over the Chiltern Hills within 24 hours.