The trophies for Endurance Events 2020

Endurance 80 
1st Place  812 1st Chesham Bois Leaders B 13h 41m
2nd Place 815 1st Chesham Bois Leaders A 18h 18m
Fastest Explorer Scout Team 810 Can we go to sleep yet?
Pheonix North ESU
18h 46m
Fastest Senior Walker 805A Ian Dale
Determined 5 - 1st Halesowen Scout Group
21h 34m
Fastest Junior Walker 803D Jed Botha
Betty & The Explorers
Panther ESU - Chiltern Vale District
21h 21m
Endurance 60 
1st Place 609 Halesowen HDX
1st Halesowen Scout Group
14h 12m
2nd Place 607 Red Kite ESU & Friends
Vale of Aylesbury District
14h 20m
3rd Place 604 Scorpion / Lynx Explorers
Chiltern Vale District
16h 19m
Endurance 40
Fastest Unacompanied Team 408 1st Chesham Bois A
1st Chesham Bois Scout Group
7h 58m
Fastest Acompanied Team 402 1st Halton Scouts - Typhoon 8h 55m
2nd Place 410 Donut Seekers 9h 47m
3rd Place 411 1st Chesham Bois B
1st Chesham Bois Scout Group
11h 13m
Endurance 10
1st Place   Pegasus B
1st Chesham Bois Cub Scouts 
1h 49m
2nd Place   1st HG - Waggles Warriors
1st Holmer Green Cub Scouts
2h 24m
3rd Place   The Fraggles
1st Stokenchurch Cub Scouts
2h 27m