Fees and payment

Fees are charged for each participant.  These cover our administration costs and the cost of the drink that is found at points around the route and the food at the Misbourne after the event.

The fees for the 2021 are:

  • Endurance80:    £0 per walker
  • Endurance60:    £0 per walker
  • Endurance40:    £0 per walker, including each shadow (if any). 
  • Endurance10:    £0 per walker, including each leader

Once you have finalised your teams, please pay using one of these two methods shown below.  There is an advantage to paying early.  The early payers get the early arrival times.  That means they get more daylight in which to walk than those with later arrival times (arrival times are allocated on a first-paid first-served basis).

You can pay either by:

Cheques payable to "Buckinghamshire Scout Council"
(in full please - so satisfy our bank!)

Please send to Buckinghamshire Scout Office,
3 Walton Terrace,
Walton Street,
HP21 7QY

Or by:

Bank Transfer to "Buckinghamshire Scout Council"

Sort Code: 20 02 06    
Account Number: 20552046    
*** Reference: "E80/" + name of your group/unit

All should be with us by Sunday 21 February 2021.

Please allow 7 days after payment for the the fact to be registered on this website.

An invoice, with a personalised payment reference, if available in 'My Teams'

Thank you