The 2015 results

Here are the 2015 results. Well done to everyone who took part.

  Team Scout Group CP retired Time Trophy
1a Scorpion Scorpion ESU 19    
1b   24h 19m  
1c 13    
1d 13    
1e 13    
2a Stotfold A Stotfold Explorers 11    
2b 9    
2c 11    
2d 9    
2e 11    
3a Stotfold B Stotfold Explorers 11    
3b 11    
3c 11    
3d 8    
4a Mix and Match HWD ESU 20    
4b   19h 49m 2nd Fastest ESU Team + 18a & 18b
4c 13    
4d   23h 26m  
5a 'Just COS' 1st Chesham Bois Scouts   16h 17m 1st Fastest Team Overall
5b   16h 17m
5c   16h 17m
6a Vulcan ESU 1st Wooburn Scouts   18h 52m

Fastest ESU Team

Fastest Team up Coombe Hill - 25 minutes

6b   18h 52m
6c   18h 52m
6d   18h 52m
7a Team A Lynx   20h 08m  
7b   20h 08m  
7c   20h 08m  
7d   20h 08m Senior Walker
8a HWD ESU 3 HWD ESU 17    
8b 15    
8c   25h 43m  
8d 12    
9a Gladiator Gladiator ESU   17h 34m  
9b   17h 34m  
9c   17h 34m  
9d   17h 34m  
9e   17h 34m  
10a Intrepid Girls Intrepid ESU 18    
10b   23h 07m  
10c 18    
10d   23h 07m  
11a Columbus A Columbus ESU   16h 44m 3rd Fastest Team Overall
11b   16h 44m
11c   16h 44m
11d   16h 44m
12a Destined for Glory Illustrious E.S.U. 16    
12b 16    
12c 11    
13a Team B Lynx   17h 28m 4th Fastest Team Overall
13b   17h 28m
13c   17h 28m
14a Columbus B Columbus ESU   20h 30m  
14b   20h 30m  
14c   20h 30m  
14d 10    
15a HWD ESU2 HWD ESU 10    
15b 12    
15c 10    
15d 12    
15e   25h 17m  
16a GeeGees Gamlingay & Gransden ESU 10    
16b 10    
16c 10    
16d 10    
17a Intrepid Boys Intrepid ESU 12    
17b 17    
17c 17    
17d 7    
18a HWD ESU1 HWD ESU   19h 20m 2nd fastest ESU Team + 4b
18b   19h 20m 2nd fastest ESU Team + 4b
18c 19    
19a Unit 8 Jamboree: Team A Unit 8 Jamboree 14    
19b 18    
19c 18    
19d   23h 44m  
20a Unit 8 Jamboree: Team B Unit 8 Jamboree   23h 40m  
20b   23h 40m  
20c 18    
20d   23h 40m  
21a Intrepid Oldies Intrepid ESU   22h 49m  
21b   22h 49m  
21c   22h 49m  
22a Team Fozzie 6th Holme Valley Explorers   25h 07m  
22b 14    
22c   25h 07m  
22d   25h 07m  
23a Team Yogi 6th Holme Valley Explorers 12    
23b 12    
22c 12    
24a Thor Hammers 2nd Amersham on the Hill   16h 21m 2nd Fastest Team Overall
24b   16h 21m
24c   16h 21m
25a Misfits South Holland District Explorers 12    
25b 12    
25c 13    
25d 13    
25e 6    
26a Where are we? 145th Bristol 4    
26b 10    
26c 4    
26d 6    
26e   24h 59m  
27a KOSH South Holland District Explorers 16    
27b 12    
27c 12    
27d 14    
28a Cheddington Leaders 1st Cheddington Scout Group 20    
28b   20h 09m  
28c   20h 09m  
28d   20h 09m  
29a Second Attempt! 1st Halesowen Scout Group   20h 08m  
29b 5    
29c 6    
30a Abingdon ESU Abingdon ESU   20h 04m  
30b 18    
30c 20    
30d 18    
31a SPEX South Holland District Explorers 13    
31b 13    
31c 13    
31d 13    
31e 13    
32a South Holland Leaders South Holland District 15    
32b 15    
32c 15    
32d 15    
32e 13    
33a The Mildenhall Bipeds Mildenhall Scout Group   24h 45m  
33b   24h 45m  
33c   24h 45m  
33d 15    
34a Columbus C Columbus ESU   19h 58m  
34b   19h 48m  
34c 12    
35a Brackley 5th Brackley 14    
35b 16    
35c 20    
36a Stevenage Spartans Stevenage ESU 9    
36b 12    
36c 14    
36d   24h  35m  
37a Deal Donuts Deal Aquila ESU 12    
37b 15    
37c   Bucks Network 16    
38a Valhalla's Finest Illustrious E.S.U.   19h 48m  
38b 16    
38c   19h 48m  
38d 15    
39a Misbourne ESU Misbourne ESU 19    
39b   19h 46m  
39c 11